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Mediation Mangers, Inc. (MMI) has been selected by Sixth Judicial Circuit to provide OPT-IN Mediation Services and Mediation Management for the residential mortgage foreclosure cases filed beginning July 1, 2013 and thereafter. MMI is the 6th Circuit Courts Foreclosure Program and is the only Court-Approved mediation provider named in the Court's Administrative Order for OPT-IN Mediation. MMI's role is to provide OPT-IN information to the parties to a residential foreclosure.

The Plaintiff/Lender and Defendant/Borrower OPT-IN to mediation by completing a Motion Requesting Mediation and once the Motion is provided to MMI or filed with the Clerk of Court a Mediation will be required. The Borrower chooses to fully participate in the program by providing to MMI the Motion for Mediation, documents and information necessary to the Plaintiff/Lender. MMI will provide an information packet to the Borrower indicating what documents the Plaintiff/Lender needs to work out a settlement of the foreclosure case. The Order of Referral to Mediation requires the forms be provided to MMI in a timely fashion so they aren't stale when the mediation occurs, usually within 30 days or less of the court ordered mediation date. MMI will provide the Mediators at one of our two locations.

The program assures the borrower an opportunity at mediation to discuss modification of the loan or consider other settlement options ,such as deed-in-lieu or short sale, with a representative from the Plaintiff/Lender. The initial two hour mediation fees are paid by the bank and not the Borrower. If an agreement is made the parties will follow the terms of the agreement and the court is told an agreement was reached. If there is no agreement made then no agreement is reported. The details of the meeting are confidential.

At completion of the Mediation the results, agreement or no agreement, are reported to the Clerk of Court and the foreclosure case is finished depending on the outcome of the mediation. For further information and answers to questions please browse the pages of this site.

Start Date: Cases filed on or after July 1, 2013
On Friday, June 14, 2013 the 6th Judicial Circuit released an Amended Administrative Order 2013-026 PA/PI for the OPT-IN Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program.

Start Date: Cases filed on or after December 20, 2011
On Friday, January 20, 2012 the 6th Judicial Circuit released an Amended Administrative Order 2012-002 PA/PI Cir. for the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program.

Read the order here. (The necessary forms are found at the end of the Order.) This program applies to all residential properties, both homestead and non-homestead, filed after July 1, 2013.

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