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IN THE Media

St Petersburg Times Article 6/24/2010

Tampa Bay Online Article 6/24/2010

VIDEO: Tampa Bay Online: Courts Retaliation Against Foreclosures

VIDEO: Sixth Judicial Court: News Clips on Court Issues

Foreclosure Related Resources

6th Judicial Circuit Administrative Order
Provides the Program requirements of participants and Mediation Managers, Inc. role as program manager. (Ammended Friday, May 21st.)

Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Consumer and industry information related to foreclosures

Florida Housing and Urban Development
Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure
Offers a variety of information on HUD loans, foreclosure resources and mortgage modification options.

Homeownership Preservation Foundation
The Homeownership Preservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which creates partnerships with local governments, nonprofit organizations, borrowers and lenders to help families overcome obstacles that could result in the loss of their homes.

Federal Trade Commission
Foreclosure Rescue Scams
This web site includes a variety of information on the Obama Administration’s strategy to strengthen our economy. Included is a fact sheet on the Making Home Affordable program as well as mortgage modification options. Also available is a Borrower's Question and Answer document.

Board of Governor's of the Federal Reserve System
A list of resouces for consumers including a guide to avoiding foreclosure, housing counseling agencies and tips for avoiding scams.


Mediation Mangers, Inc. has found a couple of videos that speak to the issues found in the credit crisis, mortgage foreclosures. The links to these are provided below.

Credit Crisis Visualized with Animation

CNN YouTube Foreclosure Aftermath

Mediator Residential Foreclosure Training Program Providers

Christopher M. Shulman, PA

USF Conflict Resolution Collaborative