Lenders or Plaintiffs


to obtain the new account password and login information you need to upload Form A to MMI platform. Upon receiving the login information you can access the portal where you upload a Form A for a particular case number in pdf format. Form A can be found in the Exhibits to Administrative Order 2010-25-PA/PI-Cir.

Warning you need the Uniform Case Number for the case before trying to upload a Form A. The AO requires uploading the Form A to MMI and paying $400.00 in all residential foreclosure cases, both homestead and non-homestead.

MMI believes mediation of your foreclosure matter will be beneficial. We are here to help you work through this process. If you have questions, aren't ready to sign the forms above, or want more information please use the tabs above or the contact information below to gain information.

Payment Info

Please make checks payable to Mediation Managers, Inc. and mail to 13700 58th St. North, Clearwater, FL 33760.

Additional Info

Click here to download an information sheet to that offers more information about logging in, making payments and using the platform.